The INVEST European University Alliance welcomes students* from partner Universities to take part in the INVEST 2022 Summer School course titled "Ensuring Quality Of Public Services in Sustainable Regional Development", which will be held in the period 9 May - 6 June 2022 including virtual and physical participation. 

The course comprises of (1) two weeks [9- 20/05/2022] involving preliminary tasks and preparatory lectures (provided in synchronous and asynchronous mode/virtual mobility) and (2) a one-week period where the intensive program will take place in Plovdiv, Bulgaria [29/5-04/06/2022], structured around 4 thematic panels:

  • Quality in Education and Training
  • Social services and social inclusion
  • Social innovation and sustainable regional development
  • Social entrepreneurship.

INVEST 2022 Summer School is offering to students:

- Blended learning opportunities in a cross-country context

- Remarkable chance to meet with key experts in various education, research and policy domains

- Opportunities for collaboration in a cross-cultural context with peers from 5 European countries

- Opportunities for further extension of knowledge, skills, and competencies and further elaboration on personal projects 

- Opportunities to meet with Living labs partners from the Plovdiv region

- Opportunities to learn more about Bulgaria, its culture, cuisine, hospitality, and regional development.

 -Several options to present own work and own achievements

- 5 ECTS credits 

All activities including travel and accommodation are covered by the Erasmus+ program and INVEST project

*Eligible students: BSc (you should have completed two years of studies), MSc or PhD students.

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