We are pleased to announce that the partner universities of the INVEST European University have successfully concluded a series of meetings focused on the finalization of bachelor specializations and master programs. These meetings took place from 6-8 of June in Nitra (Slovakia), and brought together representatives from all universities within the European Alliance.

The objective of these meetings was to refine and enhance the study programs that will be offered by the INVEST European University. The process of finalizing the programs involved the expertise of INVEST faculty members and project managers who contributed to the methodological aspects of the proposal preparation. Their insights and experience greatly contributed to the comprehensive and well-structured nature of the programs.

The INVEST European University remains committed to further enhancing educational opportunities and fostering cooperation among its partner institutions. We look forward to the implementation of these finalized bachelor and master programs, as they mark an important milestone in our collective pursuit of academic excellence and innovation.

For further information regarding the programs, please visit the "Studies" section on our website