Svetla Dimitrova

University of Agribusiness and Rural Development

Associate Prof. Dr. Svetla Dimitrova is a president of University of agribusiness and rural development (UARD). 
She acquires the following qualifications: "Agrarian law consultant", "Teacher of agrarian disciplines' and 'Assessor of agricultural lands and improvements thereon'.
In 2002, she was awarded an educational and  scientific degree "doctor" in "Reclamation and soil science". 
In 2008, she acquired the scientific degree " Associate Professor" in "Crop farming".
Participation in projects: under the "Leonardo da Vinci" program - "Training on sustainable use of soil and water on the farm", under program "Socrates Comenius" - "Professional training of teachers from higher schools and European integration", under the "PHARE" program. 
Specializes in the Netherlands, Poland, Lithuania, Hungary. Author of 57 publications on: agriculture, water resources, environment environment, plant technologies, education. 
Co-author of an original variety Galatea rice, textbooks and study aids.
She is a member of: Scientific and Technical Union; Bulgarian Scientific Breeding and Technical Union; Bulgarian Project Management Association; Balkan environmental association; Basin Council of the Eastern White Sea Region; Union of Scientists in Bulgaria.