Petri Juhani Raivo

Karelia University of Applied Sciences
President and CEO

Petri Juhani Raivo, Ph.D., adjunct professor (Universities of Oulu, Turku and Eastern Finland)
President and CEO Karelia University of Applied Science

Honors & Awards:
-    Honorable Professor of Kokand University, Uzbekistan
-    First Class Knight of the White Rose of Finland
Current Positions of Trust
-    Member of the board of CSC – IT Center for Science
-    Member of the Board of the Business Education Association's North Karelia branch
-    Member of the board of Joensuu Science Park
-    Vice President of the Association of Finnish Education Employers
-    Member of the Internationalization Committee of the Council of Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences
-    Representative of the Takki network for Members of Parliament, representatives of universities of applied sciences and the working life
-    Member of the Board of the North Karelia Chamber of Commerce
He has a passion for research and innovation activities that contribute to regional development as well as the growth and future of applied higher education.