Lenka Lackóová

Slovak University of Agriculture

Assoc. Prof. Lenka Lackóová, PhD., INVEST Local Coordinator, is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Horticulture and Landscape Engineering and one of the co-guarantors of the Master's Degree in Landscape Engineering. She is also the main guarantor within the qualification verification system in the national economy sector - water, waste, environment. She has also worked as an expert for the Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency and as a consultant for higher education. In her previous career she worked as a vice-dean for study affairs.  In her educational and scientific field, she is an experienced expert in environmental issues related to environmental management, environmental impact assessment and landscape modelling and analysis. She has been leader, co-leader and team member of many national and international research and educational projects. In her current scientific research activity, she is active in the publication of scientific papers, textbooks, and scientific monographs, mainly focusing on adaptation measures to climate change, aiming to improve environmental quality through innovative landscape solutions.