Research - Innovation

Centre of Excellence

INVEST creates a joint Centre of Excellence in Research, a common environment to strengthen links between research and innovation area and educational area to meet the contemporary challenges of the European regions.

The Centre of Excellence will unite researchers, educators, regional authorities, industrials, and civic society within a joint entity to co-create new knowledge that can be implemented in education and in regions.

The Centre of Excellence in Research aims to:

  • implement a joint RDI strategy with coordinated joint contribution to EU calls addressing the INVEST focal points
  • promote attractive research careers and increasing researchers' mobility via established training networks
  • strengthen research infrastructures with the promotion of international cooperation fostering gender equality and inclusiveness
  • accelerate of green/digital transition and transformation to empower HEIs and make science more accessible to citizens and
  • enhance the strategic capability of public research institutions and facilitate the development of national ERA implementation process which is monitored by an innovative monitoring system.

A crucial part of the Centre of Excellence in Research is the Living Labs – regional ecosystems where study and training reflect and address the problems in regions, as defined by the stakeholders. For these ecosystems, INVEST provides a knowledge agenda in strong cooperation with the associated partner networks to highlight the major issues which can be addressed through research in postgraduate education and joint research projects.