The University of Thessaly is proud to organize the 7th Conference on Sustainable Mobility – CSuM2024, set against the picturesque backdrop of Lake Plastira, Karditsa, Greece, from September 4 to 6, 2024. As part of this event, the INVEST project will be contributing a special session focused on "Sustainable and Resilient Regional Ecosystems."

🗓 Date: September 4 – 6, 2024
📍 Venue: Lake Plastira, Karditsa, Greece
🔍 Main Theme: "Climate Crisis and Transportation Resilient Systems"

🌿 About the Session:
The use of natural resources and the subsequent build-up of waste and pollution cause a variety of environmental problems in regional ecosystems, many of which exacerbate social and economic inequality. This session is intended to highlight the importance of peaceful cohabitation between human activity and the environment, with a focus on exploring novel ways and solutions for preserving and nourishing the delicate balance of regional ecosystems. Regional ecosystems’ long-term health and vitality will be ensured by the sharing of ideas, discussions of obstacles, and initiatives proposed by experts and researchers.

📝 Session Objectives:

  • Strategies for preserving regional biodiversity
  • Adapting to climate change impacts
  • Sustainable Land Use Planning
  • Ecosystem Restoration Methodologies
  • Incorporating traditional knowledge
  • MCDM Decision Support Systems
  • Role of policies and governance

🎙Session Moderators:

  • Prof. Konstantinos Kokkinos, Digital Systems Dept., University of Thessaly, Greece
  • Prof. Nicholas Samaras, Digital Systems Dept., University of Thessaly, Greece

🏞 Venue Highlight:
Nestled in the tranquility of Lake Plastira, the Kazarma Lake Resort & Spa offers a haven of luxury and environmental harmony. Experience elegant accommodation, traditional flavors, and breathtaking views, all while supporting sustainable hospitality practices.

Join us in fostering a dialogue towards a more sustainable and resilient future for our regional ecosystems. For more information, visit