A modern European University

The vision of INVEST is to create a modern European University satisfying needs and requirements of the new generation of Europeans as the leaders of introducing sustainable life in regions across the Europe. We see INVEST as fully functioning, innovative and bottom-up network of universities, achieving higher standards in education, training, research and innovation through international synergy and excellence taking greater responsibilities towards development of inclusive society and knowledge-based economy. 

Student-centred education

To achieve the vision by 2025, students will play a significant role in its future development. Besides of focusing on the quality assurance in education and teaching, the efforts will address the changing needs and expectations of students. Student-centred education will become a reality and students will actively participate in the development of their learning, in discovery of new knowledge and in any decision-making process within INVEST. 

By establishing this European university, we: 
•    INVEST in enhancing the sustainability and inclusiveness of the regions the partners are embedded in 
•    INVEST in the innovation of our education system and research methods 
•    INVEST in our students to become active citizens of and professionals for Europe