This past week, Karelia University of Applied Sciences was honored to host the inaugural meeting for the "Student and Staff Journey" under INVEST Work Package 3, held in Joensuu, Finland. The event marked a pivotal step in fostering collaboration across the seven universities participating in the INVEST alliance. Key areas of focus for this initiative include alliance coordination, entrepreneurship, mobility and admissions, as well as enhancing student involvement and wellbeing.

The meeting provided a valuable platform for representatives from each university to engage in deep discussions, present insightful information, and exchange best practices. The event also offered unique opportunities for participants to engage with the local entrepreneurial ecosystem through a visit to the Karelia Entrepreneurship Expo, learn traditional Finnish baking techniques by making "Kanelipulla," and immerse themselves in the Finnish culture during the chilly late winter season.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the partners and attendees for their significant contributions and for making the kick-off meeting a success.