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The INVEST European University Alliance unites a diverse group of institutions across Europe, each with extensive experience and a shared profile as internationalized entities. This alliance includes the Slovak University of Agriculture (SUA) in Nitra, Slovakia; the University of Agribusiness and Rural Development (UARD) in Plovdiv, Bulgaria; the University of Thessaly (UTH) in Volos, Greece; Karelia University of Applied Sciences in Joensuu, Finland; the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne (URCA) in Reims, France; the University of Milano-Bicocca (UNIMIB) in Milan, Italy; and the University of Cordoba (UCO) in Cordoba, Spain. Together, these institutions collaborate under the European Commission’s initiative to form and evaluate European Universities, aiming to enhance educational quality and integration across the continent.



Invest RoadMap

Designing the University of the Future!

Our vision is to create a modern European University fulfilling the needs and requirements of the new generation of Europeans willing to lead in the introduction of sustainable life in regions across Europe. By establishing this European university, we:
• INVEST in enhancing the sustainability and inclusiveness of our partner regions
• INVEST in the innovation of our education system and research methods
• INVEST in our students becoming active citizens and future shaping professionals for Europe.


Putting our vision into Practise!

INVEST will become a model of good practice in the achievement of the policies of the European Education Area.

Achievements will be visible in innovative teaching and research, international academic mobility and intercultural collaboration, development of a robust academic culture, provision of products and services to gain new skills and competences for the benefit of European regions and local communities.

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