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As the education landscape across Europe and globally is changing, INVEST Alliance is advancing knowledge, providing creative solutions, and striving toward solving global problems.

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  1. INVEST's five new bachelor specializations that start in Autumn 2023.
  2. A series of strategic meetings to submit the new INVEST proposal of the European Alliance that began at SPU in Nitra on November 28.
  3. Living Lab Meeting at Soil and Water Resources Institute, Sindos,Thessaloniki
  4. Winter School, November 1 - 28, 2022, at the Slovak University of Agriculture, in Nitra.
  5. INVEST Alliance announcing and meeting its 3 New Partners at the project management meeting.
  6. INVEST participating at the 44 European University event in Brussels. Mariya Gabriel, the European commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education, and Youth invited representatives of 44 European University Alliances as leading examples of institutional change which have become deeply embedded in this pan-European innovation ecosystem.
  7. INVEST announcing its student engagement with RES-Q Living Lab, conducted in Thessaly, Greece.
  8. Invest University Alliance announcing the final version of its brainchild, EDUC8EU.
  9. INVEST Alliance hosting a series of national and international events.

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Curated by Andriana Gerondis.