Are you interested in learning and building competencies in managing projects? Do you want to know more about Living labs? Would you like to update your knowledge of open science and research integrity?

Check out the INVEST Fellow Programme’s highly interesting webinars for staff to learn more on above mention topics! Below you can find the list of the Fellow programme events in April for which the registration is now open. Most of our webinars are recorded, so be sure to check out the recordings of our past trainings too!
See also the Fellow Programme pages on INVEST website for more information. 

INVEST Open science morning coffees: Research integrity

Schedule: 5th of April 2023 at 10-10.30 am EET / 9-9.30 am CET
Target groups: Staff members and students (master/PhD) in all the INVEST partner institutions.
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Research integrity is not limited to the conduct of research, but applies to all activities. It relates both to data protection and to general integrity, to fair sustainable practice. During the morning coffee, we will present the Finnish National Board on Research Integrity TENK’s Code of Practice on Research Integrity. Above all, we will focus on the ethical principles of research involving human subjects. More information: INVEST website
Tarja Kupiainen, Dr., Principal Lecturer at Karelia University of Applied Sciences.  

Living Labs for developing sustainability and transition competences:
Making an impact with INVEST-Living Labs

Schedule: 18th April 2023 at 2-4 pm EET / 1-3 pm CET
Target groups: This training programme is meant for INVEST university lecturers and researchers.
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After all the theory, it is time to put the INVEST Living Labs into action!
In the INVEST4EXCELLENCE project, Transition pathways will be developed as a method to facilitate the discussions between scholars, governments and practitioners and initiate a common regional development process.
In this webinar we will discuss the INVEST Living Labs and how research and education can be connected to create value for practitioners in the Living Labs. Participants in the webinar are invited to share their thoughts and to provide input for the development of a common approach. More information: INVEST website

Dr. Rik Eweg and Dr. Annelies Heijmans
Professorship Regional Transitions towards Circular Agriculture
Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences


Project management in INVEST project

Schedule: 21st April 2023 at 12-1 pm EET / 11-12 am CET
Target groups: INVEST alliance higher education organisations staff and students
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The INVEST project is a typical example of a large scale complex project in the field of Higher Education. Five (5) European Universities in different countries, with significant experience from previous involvement in European projects join their forces to establish an University Alliance within the framework of the European initiative “European Universities”.
Participants will acquainted with the requirement for managing large scale projects, managing the scope of the project with respect to the triple constraint of time – cost -scope in European funded projects and the management requirements to maintain a balance among the three main parameters, while achieving objectives and goals. More information: INVEST website

Ing. Norbert Floris, INVEST Project coordinator, Slovak University of Agriculture (SUA),
Doc. JUDr. Lucia Palšová, Erasmus+ Institutional coordinator, SUA,
Pandelis Ipsilandis, Emeritus Professor, University of Thessaly (UTh), Greece