Multicultural collaboration and team work

Are you interested to improve your persuasion, effective listening, non-verbal communication,
multicultural encounter and cultural intelligence skills? If yes, follow our webinar series discussing
main expressions, the impelementation of basic communication skills connected with different
points of view – this is highly useful for the future! 

Effective communication skills and abilities 
Communication is an important part of the company´s management and belongs to the most important side functions of management. It is necessary for data transfer, and information transfer, which are essential for a company to meet the objectives. In thiw webinar we will discuss the main expressions connected with communication like forms and directions of communication, communication environment, practical communication, and communication barriers. The impelementation of basic communication skills will be performed, discussing Persuation and Effective listening skills. We will also mention Multicultural encounter, Cultural intelligence and Non-verbal communication used in managerial practice. In the webinar we will get an  example on different approaches to communication in multicultural environment. Join us to this webinar and let’s improve communication skills.

13th February 2023 at 3-6 pm EET / 2-5 pm CET
• Communication, Communication in International Environment, Barriers in Communication (theoretical background + discussion)
• Communication Skills - Assertiveness, Effective listening, Persuasion, Empathy (theoretical background+discussion)

17th February 2023 at 3-6 pm EET / 2-5 pm CET
• Practical examples of the topics delivered on February 13 - testing, role plays, games, discussion, case studies

20th February 2023 at 3-6 pm EET / 2-5 pm CET
• Non- verbal communication - theoretical background+discussion
• Examples, games, role plays

24th February 2023 at 3-6 pm EET / 2-5 pm CET 
• Multicultural Collaboration - job shadowing 
• International Collaboration - examples, obstacles, tips and experience

Target groups: INVEST alliance higher education organisations staff
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Registration deadline: 12th February

Responsible person: Ing. Veronika Hrdá, PhD., MBA - Slovak university of Agriculture in Nitra
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