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Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences

Netherlands / Leeuwarden and Velp


Van Hall Larenstein is the most sustainable University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. We aim to train high-quality, ambitious and innovative professionals who contribute to a more sustainable world. The awareness of the urgency for a sustainable transition is widespread, both nationally and internationally. Our education and research is closely linked to topics such as nature, the environment, climate, quality of life, and equality. We are passionate about transferring knowledge and ideas to the next generation of professionals so that they are well prepared to take on the challenges in their chosen field of work.

Alongside 18 Bachelor programmes and 6 associate degrees, we also provide 4 Master programmes, 3 Certificate programmes and several short courses for regional, national and international students. As a university of applied sciences, we conduct high-quality practice-based research within some 20 applied research groups, which enhances both our teaching and our position as a research institute.

Van Hall Larenstein has 2 venues: one in the centre of the Netherlands: Velp and one in the North: Leeuwarden. Both can easily be reached by public transport.

Departments at Van Hall Larenstein
All departments at van Van Hall Larenstein will be involved in the work of INVEST: from our Degree programmes like Coastal and Marine Management or Innovative Dairy Chain Management to our Applied research groups on Circular Agriculture, Water, Healthy food and Nutrition,  Soil, Green living environment and Biodiversity. 

Special features of Van Hall Larenstein
Van Hall Larenstein has various research facilities like:

  • The Water Application Centre (WAC)

The WAC is a fully equipped centre in which companies, knowledge institutes and other organisations can carry out experiments (or have them carried out) in the field of water technology. 

  • The Food Application Centre for Technology (FACT) 

The FACT is a food technology test location. It is an easily accessible meeting place where knowledge is generated and shared. New product and process concepts are developed in a close collaboration between SMEs, companies, and knowledge institutions.

  • The Food Technology Hall

The Food Technology Hall is fully equipped for food process technologies (dairy, meat, bakery, beverages, fruit and vegetables).

  • Dairy Campus

Van Hall Larenstein is a partner in Dairy Campus and has access to the extensive research facilities and resources available there. Dairy Campus maintains a dairy herd in a scientific environment, various physical dairy farming systems, water systems, manure processing and various trial fields.

Both venues of Van Hall Larenstein have great study facilities and are situated at beautiful locations with great biodiversity. Our venue in Velp is even situated on a real estate, where you will find more than half of all plant species in the Netherlands.

Internationalization offers perspective
Internationalization contributes to the development of the individual and the quality of our education and research. We want our students and teachers to be equipped to face the challenges of the future. We do this by imparting knowledge and skills to them, so they develop the competence to not only become competent professionals but that they are also able to collaborate with and connect to people from various backgrounds. We teach them to have respect for other cultures and to realize that their own actions influence what happens near and far in the world. We internationalize to inspire and innovate our education and research.

Sustainable internationalization
Countries will have to grow closer to each other to strengthen the success of a sustainable transition. That is why, as a university of applied sciences, we make a conscious choice for capacity building and knowledge sharing between the north and the south. Together with international educational and research partners, knowledge circles, and students, we seek out the shared space in which new ideas arise: co-creation as a means of learning from, and with each other. When entering into partnerships, we make careful choices to guarantee equality and reciprocity. In addition, we are committed to the structural (further) development of the English-language education of the university.
Goals towards the future
In order to achieve our ambitions on internationalization, we endorse three goals for the near future:

  • We are known in Europe and in our focus countries as the future-proof, sustainable Dutch University of Applied Sciences with a strong international orientation, that attracts students from all over the world
  • Van Hall Larenstein students experience that the targeted embedding of internationalization in their programs (eg. through INVEST) contributes to their intercultural competences and international experience(s)
  • The support of international mobility processes focuses on the student's experience.

Education in English
Every year about 450 Van Hall Larenstein students are either studying or doing an internship abroad. Vice versa about 150 international students - of more than 40 different nationalities - are coming to study at Van Hall Larenstein. We offer them several fully English-taught Degree and Certificate programmes: 


Bachelor programmes

Master programmes (MSc)

Certificate programmes


More information
If you have any questions, please contact:
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