Quality assurance in European universities is crucial for several reasons. High quality standards ensure that students receive an education that meets or exceeds their expectations. This enables them to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies to succeed in their chosen careers. Maintaining high quality standards helps European universities to compete with higher education institutions around the world. This promotes international cooperation and mobility of students and teachers, further improving the quality of education.

Within today's working meeting of the European University Alliance "INVEST", Prof. Marijana Ivanova (national coordinator of the Invest) emphasized that ensuring the quality of these activities ensures that the results are reliable and contribute positively to society. Educational institutions have a significant impact on economic growth and development. By providing high-quality education, they can help prepare a skilled workforce that can drive innovation and entrepreneurship.

She emphasized that quality assurance in European universities contributes to social development by promoting inclusion, equality and social cohesion. Investing in high-quality educational institutions means investing in Europe's future prosperity and sustainability. This requires continuous efforts to improve and maintain quality standards. In this regard, she presented the developed "road map" for building a sustainable quality assurance strategy within the alliance.