Article: INVEST Teacher’s Handbook – a tool for systemic piloting and implementation of INVEST specialisations

How to get started with INVEST pedagogy? Where to find information on teacher mobility? Who to contact when you have problems with Moodle? A new lecturer starting to teach on INVEST specialisation years may face many practical challenges. In order to help him/ her get started, we have created a tool called INVEST Teacher’s Handbook. 

During the first funding period one of the INVEST main tasks was to create joint degrees and 10 specialisation year programmes. Five educational institutions with different operating cultures, rules and timetables can sometimes create quite big challenges. Especially, when you have to organize a functioning entity where everyone knows what, when and how to act. This article describes the development process of the INVEST Teacher’s Handbook which was created to facilitate cooperation and solve practical problems in the implementation of the training.

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