University of Thessaly announces the INVEST European University event titled "INVEST in the European Education of the Future". The event/forum will take place on the 22nd and 23rd of June 2023 at the Hippocrates Auditorium (Biopolis Campus, Larissa) of the University of Thessaly and will bring together renowned academics, researchers, policy makers and stakeholders from across Europe to discuss and shape the future of European education and research.

The event includes a series of speeches and discussions, exploring the vision of European Universities through the lens of the INVEST Αlliance which prioritizes the development of research and knowledge in areas of sustainable development and resilience. Event topics include but are not limited to:

  • The Importance of accreditation mechanisms in the European Higher Education
  • European Universities; Legal Entity/European Degree Label
  • Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education
  • From INVEST EU Alliance to INVEST University;Overcoming Obstacles of National Policies
  • The INVEST Alliance Impact on the European Universities Vision
  • European University Alliances Crucial for regional sustainable life and Resilience
  • Disruptive Innovation and Technological Influences on Higher Education and more.

There will also be a plenary session on the very interesting topic; "The Role of European Universities in Advancing Global Innovation and Sustainability: Ambitions, Challenges, Opportunities and Prospects", in which participants will delve into the critical role of European universities in promoting innovation and sustainability on a global scale, exploring challenges and opportunities. The event provides an excellent platform for participants to exchange ideas, share best practices and explore collaboration opportunities to shape the future of European education.

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Event Program