The Competitive University for a Sustainable Society, Invest Alliance project part of the University of Thessaly, Greece, took part in one of the most important international commerce fairs across the globe. 
This year TIF marks its 86th consecutive year. The TIF is guided by the changes in the global economy, health, and energy fields, and technology developments. It faithfully serves its multidimensional character and its timeless presence. Entrepreneurship. Automation-Electricity-Mobility. Gastronomy - Nutrition. Digital Greece – Start-Ups. Public Entities – Organizations take part. 
It is an event that considers the importance of reaching new markets and welcomes countries from all over the world. It gives the chance to strengthen historical ties of friendship and provides an incentive to further develop bilateral trade, investment, and cultural relations.  The TIF is a driver of growth in the broader region. It underlines development in Greece.  The enterprises it hosts include dozens of startups with new, resourceful business ideas, and innovative ideas which are also brought from the world of education. 
INVEST Alliance was there:  
•    To be one of the 1500 exhibitors from Greece and foreign countries.
•    To present its role as a European University, part of the European University Initiative working toward the universities of the future, promoting European values and identity, and revolutionizing the quality and competitiveness of European higher education
•     To meet and interact with the most interesting markets of the global economy.

Curated by Andriana Gerondis