In support of the Startup Village Initiative, a Vision Statement by 9 University Alliances among them INVEST University European Alliance, was presented to the commissionaire on the 6th of September 2022 Salamanca, Spain

Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education, and Youth, to support and open a new promising perspective as economies change and people seek a better quality of life in rural areas due to social, economic, and demographic transformations, the COVID-19 pandemic’s asymmetric impact on European territories which has added uncertainty to vulnerability, met a dozen representatives of villages that host start-ups, specialized, among others, in energy and food and Agri-system innovation.

The meeting was a unique opportunity to connect these Start-up villages across Europe and to develop a dialogue between European Commissioner Mariya Gabriel, local authorities, and entrepreneurs, on how innovation in rural areas can help tackle key challenges such as depopulation, food security, and energy autonomy.

For this reason, a Joint research center- JRC- has been tasked to act as a knowledge manager and to connect multiple stakeholders united in reviving rural communities, to promote knowledge exchange and cooperation activities. This will facilitate the StartUp Village Forum network aimed to be an open space where institutions and stakeholders can meet, discuss, and shape action for startup-driven innovation in rural areas.

INVEST alliance: “we are honored to add a cornerstone to such a remarkable initiative”

Curated By Andriana Gerondis