INVEST alliance won the 1st prize at the 2022 UIIN (University Industry Innovation Network) conference on Outstanding Entrepreneurial Education.

The case presented describes how INVEST alliance develops innovative and integrated entrepreneurial education, competences and mindset. The presentation discussed entrepreneurial university framework and future skills, highlighted staff development process and provided concrete learning examples. Hackathons, and how they have been used as a learning method on our Summer and Winter schools were presented as an example of integrated innovative approach.

The team that presented at UIIN was from Karelia UAS and consisted of Dr. Liisa Timonen, Dr. Marjo Nenonen and Jaana Tolkki, M.Sc.

Congratulations to all contributing partners! Such distinctions are a clear indicator that the level of cooperation reached between partners and the educational tools and methods used are indeed of high quality and impact.


Author: VIK