Professor Mariana Ivanova, Rector of Тhe University of Agribusiness and Regional Development (UARD) that was the hosting partner for the INVEST 2022 Summer School, was honored to receive a written address from Mrs. Mariya GABRIEL, the EU Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, expressing her support and conficence on the success and importance of the School and its main topic, namely  the quality of public services in sustainable regional development.

Mrs. Gabriel's written address is the following;

"Dear Prof. Dr Ivanova,
Dear teachers,
Dear students,

Тhe University of Agribusiness and Regional Development - Plovdiv will be hosting this year’s International Summer School under the European University Alliance project "INVEST". Congratulations to everyone for the organisation of the event and the chosen important topics of discussion!

I would like to wish success to the teachers and students from all partners in the Alliance — the University of Agribusiness and Regional Development, the University of Thessaly, Karelia University of Applied Sciences, the Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences and the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra.

I support you in your efforts to achieve the best possible synergy between social innovation and education in order to ensure better quality public services. These topics, which are also the focus of the International Summer School, will be of interest to young people from all partners in the Alliance. I am convinced that the students will impress with their innovative solutions addressing today’s challenges to achieve sustainable regional development.

Dear teachers,
Your inspiring work is key for nourishing our young people’s talent in the field of regional development and social services and for preparing them to succeed in their future careers.

Dear students,
Follow your dreams and make us proud of your achievements which I am sure will be many!
Good luck to everyone!
Yours sincerely,

Mariya Gabriel
Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth


We are greatly honored and inspired by Mrs Gabriel's letter, and will do our best to make this and the following Schools a success for students and stakeholders alike!


Author: VIK