Use of Artificial Intelligence to support regional sustainable development  is a joint winter school for BSc, MSc and PhD students from all disciplines, coming from the INVEST Alliance Univeristies. The course is implemented as a hackathon with preliminary lectures/tasks before the actual hackathon. The students will work in multidisciplinary groups on a specified challenge on supporting regional sustainable development using AI. The course is free for the admitted students and will be conducted online. Students will:

  • Get acquainted with AI concepts and tools
  • Explore AI applications on several sectors in urban environment
  • Find and propose AI assisted solutions for supporting regional sustainable development
  • Learn innovation methods and tools
  • Build and develop network of experts
  • Develop multiprofessional working life skills  
  • Acquire 5 ECTS

The course comprises of: (1) a three week period [18/10 - 07/11/2021] involving preliminary tasks and preparatory lectures (provided in synchronous and asynchronous mode), (2) a one week period where the expert lectures and the hackathon will take place [08-15/11/2021] and (3) a three day period [16-18/11/2021] where the final wrap up and submission of the reports by the students will take place.

  • You can download the relevant poster here
  • You can download the course description here
  • You can download the course brochure (with tentative schedule) here

Location: Online Duration: 08/11/2021 - 15/11/2021 Registration: 20/09/2021 - 19/10/2021

Application submissions closed